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We'll add $25 to your 1st transfer of $50 or more when you send to: Armenia, Brazil, Ghana, or Nigeria. Restrictions apply.

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Money transfer services to Ghana

Rates as high as 4.04 GHS and a $3.99 fee.

Send money to Ghana with Ping Express

Money Transfer - Bank Deposit

via Ping Express

Send up to $2,999 USD?


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The delivery times listed are our best estimates.
We do everything we can to have your funds sent to your recipient as fast as possible. Occasionally, some events may affect the speed of service, including:

  1. Approval by our technology system: ensures the security of all your information.
  2. Hours of operations/holidays: Our partners, payers, and banks are around the world and may not be available when your transaction is sent for processing.
  3. Unforeseen obstacles in the receiving country.
  4. Availability of funds from your selected payment account.

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