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Online Money Transfer to Canada

The smoothest way to send money to Canada
You can use your computer or smartphone along with your bank account, or debit/credit card to send money online. That’s right, you can send money online to Canada. This saves you more time than usual. It’s convenient and fast, you don’t even have to go out of the house. Moreover, you get rid of additional charges and are offered with the best exchange rates.

With WireCash, you are in-charge of everything
We are working side-by-side with money transfer companies to show you different options to choose from. Use our site and you will see information pertaining to fees, exchange rates and payout options. Evaluate these aspects as to which you prefer the most. Furthermore, we also include reviews from other clients. We are constantly updating our database so we can provide you updated information, to ensure WireCash will become the only place you come to send money to Canada.

Companies compete with each other for you!
We are aware that Canada receives millions annually from money senders in the US. Being so close by, it shouldn't be difficult to send money to family or friends in the neighbor to the north.

Here at WireCash, we only bring in the companies who are dedicated to serving you fairly. We ensure that they offer the best fees and great services. This scheme always results in lower prices because the companies battle it out for you.

When you stress yourself out over figuring out how to send your hard-earned, it becomes a torrid chore. That’s why we are only offering you with prices which enable you to save more for your family. What matters to you, matters to us. All the prices and exchange rates are reasonable and we also give you a lot of options to choose from, so choose wisely and send money to Canada right away!