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Online Money Transfer to China

Ever wondered how to send money to China?
You should try and send money online. It will save you the time it takes to drive, take the bus or walk to a local money remittance store. There are more ways to pay when you transfer money online to China. Use your bank account, debit or credit card. In no time, you’ll avoid paying heavy fees and get the best exchange rate.

An important piece of America Chinese Americans total more than 3.8 million people. Ever since the California Gold Rush, Chinese immigrants have had an impact on American society. As a result hundreds of thousands have been in America for many generations. At the same time, migration to America remains strong with many pursuing academic and professional opportunities in the states. For many, with their success they continue to send money to China to aid their family.

You matter most!
We’re aware of the fact that more than $13 billion is sent to China from the US every year by millions of money senders. As a result, we believe money remittance companies should offer better rates and fight for your business. There are some companies who have taken advantages of customers, making the money transfer process expensive and painful. We've established WireCash to offer a marketplace where you don't need to waste money on extra charges or ridiculous exchange rates.

Transfer money simply
Review your money transfer options and choose what suits you best. We provide you all details concerning service fees, exchange rates and payout options. We want you to choose the best money transfer option for you, so you can save on the cost, and put more money in your family’s pockets.