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Online Money Transfer to Russia

Do you need to send money to your relatives in Russia?
Helping your relatives in Russia should be your first priority, not wondering if you got a fair deal from a money transfer company. The best way to send money to them should be the easiest and the most affordable. Send money to Russia from your home, using a company with the lowest fees, best exchange rate and best payout options available.

Unsure how to find the best money transfer company?
WireCash has created an online comparison site where you can browse through money remittance companies and their products. Peruse the many companies that we have partnered with, compare their fees and exchange rates, figure out the benefits of using them and read reviews from other customers. Once you've decided, easily send money from our site using the company of your choice.

A serious presence
We understand that you are sending your hard-earned dollars and want to minimize expenses. Hundreds of millions of dollars are sent in total to Russia from the US annually. This is in part to the more than 400,000 Russian-born Americans, many of which came following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the last 25 years. Additionally, their descendants, and previous migrants exponentially enlarge the total Russian American population. Many, despite the distance and clash of cultures feel a connection to their former country and continue to send money to Russia. Also, many operate businesses or work with independent contractors in Russia, and need to transfer money.

We want the money to stay in your hands. That’s why we’re here to give you a service that allows you to compare products to make an informed decision about how to send money to Russia, where it can be enjoyed by your loved ones.