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Send Money to South Korea

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Online Money Transfer to South Korea

Looking for a better way to send money to South Korea?
Just do it online. All you need is a computer or mobile phone, and your money will be with your family or friends in South Korea before you realize it.

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WireCash provides you with everything you need to make a wise money transfer. We've partnered with a variety of money transfer services to create a marketplace where different companies compete for your business. Our goal is to provide you with the lowest fees and best exchange rates. All you have to do is search through today’s offers, compare it to your needs and complete the transaction. Your money will be in South Korea in no time.

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Do you know that last year, nearly $6 billion was sent from the U.S to South Korea? Doesn't it make sense that with millions of dollars transferred, companies would lower their rates and offer better exchange rates? How about having one online location to see all your different choices? It does to us.

That’s why we created WireCash, where money transfer companies compete for money senders and provide them with lower fees and better exchange rates. Our partners are doing their best to offer you great service in order to win your business.