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Established in 2005, Pontual provides convenient, reliable and cost-effective money transfer services throughout the U.S.

Pontual specializes in money transfer from the U.S. to Brazil. This expertise allows Pontual to offer fees as low as $5 and market leading exchange rates. Wire money directly to ALL banks in Brazil, or pick up cash at 300 locations. Most funds are available to recipients in under 24 hours.

Use Pontual to securely send money to Brazil, India, the Philippines, as well as other countries in Central America and South America. Obrigado!

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Exchange rates as high as: BRL 3.168  
Transfer fees as low as: $3.99
Bank Deposit
BRL 3.168
2,999 USD

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The delivery times listed are our best estimates.
We do everything we can to have your funds sent to your recipient as fast as possible. Occasionally, some events may affect the speed of service, including:

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