Refer a Friend - get $10 bonus

For each friend that completes their first transfer from your link.

How to get your $10 bonus:


Log into your WireCash account

This bonus is only available to existing customers that have successfully sent money with WireCash.


Look for your link

As soon as you log in, you’ll see a banner showing your personal link - or you can customize it.


Start sharing it with friends

Copy it, or send it by text, by WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to as many friends as you’d like.

Log into WireCash

Terms and conditions

  • Limited time offer. Promotion may end at any time with or without notice. WireCash reserves the right to end this promotion at any time but any eligible transfer submitted prior to the cancellation will receive the promotion. Final end date will be posted in this website.
  • For the bonus to be applied automatically and to be eligible:
    • The Referrer (the person recommending Wirecash) must:
      • Be a WireCash customer that has completed a successful WireCash transfer before recommending WireCash.
      • Recommend friends to WireCash via the means provided by WireCash - and only via the means provided.
      • Not have outstanding debt to WireCash.
    • The Referee (the friend that received the recommendation), must:
      • Be a friend of the Referrer.
      • Have a different billing address and live in a different household than the Referrer.
      • Click on the link provided by the Referee to create an account and must complete a first transfer with a send amount of at least 50 USD but not exceed 475 USD, excluding bonus, to receive the 25 USD bonus automatically on their first transfer.
    • After the Referee completes a first transfer with a send amount of at least 50 USD, excluding bonus, the Referee will receive a 10 USD bonus automatically on their second transfer.
    • Transfers must not be declined at any time or for any reason by WireCash or its Partners.
  • Referrers cannot recommend people in their same household.
  • A cancellation of the transfers for any reason will render the Referrer and the Referee ineligible to receive the bonus.
  • Should the cancellations be eligible for a refund, you will be refunded the sending amount excluding the bonus.
  • Insufficient funds or declined payment will render the Referrer and the Referee ineligible.
  • WireCash reserves the right to deem any transfer ineligible from this promotion for any reason including transfers and / or users that, including but not limited to, appear to be fraudulent, are potentially intended to abuse this promotion, or it do not comply to our User Agreement.
  • Return customers who have submitted a successful transfer are not eligible to be a Referee in this promotion.
  • A successful transfer is a transfer where funds deposited, delivered or were picked up by the recipient.
  • Promotion cannot be combined with any other offer. By participating in this promotion, you are electing to become ineligible for any other offer or promotion.
  • WireCash and its money transfer partners may make money on fees and while exchanging currencies.
  • As a user, you will subject to the terms and conditions, and privacy policy applicable to your transfer.
  • Void where prohibited
The delivery times listed are our best estimates.
We do everything we can to have your funds sent to your recipient as fast as possible. Occasionally, some events may affect the speed of service, including:

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