Transfer Money Online

What does that mean?

It means you can choose from multiple money transfer companies in one online location. Send money online to family and friends with the company that gives you the best offer. Compare price quotes based on transfer fee, exchange rate, payment method, and distribution option. Let money transfer companies fight for your business!

Compare exchange rates

When you transfer money it's unlikely to get the exact exchange rate the bank offers. You can come close though. Use our Exchange Rate Comparison Tool in the upper left corner to make sure you're getting a fair exchange rate.

How do we evaluate the exchange rate?

  1. Input the rate from the money transfer company
  2. Select the currency
  3. Press Get Exchange Rate
  4. We show you the Actual Bank Exchange Rate as well as the Percent Over Actual Exchange Rate

Actual Bank Exchange Rate is a fancy way of showing you the current rate you could get at a bank if you brought dollars to exchange for your given currency. While the percent we show you is the difference between the rate you are getting from the money transfer company and the rate from the bank. The lower the percent the better! It means more local currency per dollar for you and your recipient you are sending money to.